Using Your Shelly 3EM: Free Downloadable CSV Data Template

At this point, you are either contemplating buying or have bought a Shelly power meter such as the 3EM or the EM. If you haven’t bought it and are wondering what it is or why you should look at it, check out our How to monitor Energy from the Palm of Your Hand article.

Once you have bought it and are keeping an eye on it for a few days you may notice that the trends have a few options but may not pull the exact data you want. Additionally, you may want a data backup or to really go off the deep end and do some statistics!

Shelly thought about that and allows you to pull the data wirelessly to a CSV file to be easily analyzed. We are going to take it a step further and pitch in a helping hand.

We will walk you through how to download the .csv file for your dataset from the shelly 3EM device and show you how to put it into our Power Monitoring Excel Template. This template takes small steps to make the data a little easier to digest. The download is provided below.


From the Shelly 3EM App:


Go to the bottom of the screen and go to settings:


Open the Device Information drop down:


Browse to the IP Address

Once you locate the IP address then you can proceed to the web browser and type in the IP address. It will take you to the web page for your Shelly energy monitor. Keep in mind that you have to be on the local network for this to work. Therefore you need to be logged into the same wifi network that the shelly device is set up on.


Download the Raw Data

From there, open the file and the data should look similar to this:

Now you have multiple options, you can start looking through data, analyzing, combining data or just log it away to be looked at later. If you are looking for some basic analysis such as converting it into a graphical representation quickly or get a relative feel for how many Watts you are using then download our Power Template.

Keep in mind the units you are working with, Watts, Watt Hours or Kilo Watt Hours.


Filter the data from newest to oldest:


Paste your Data into the Template

Then copy the data into our template and sort the data for higher resolution trending. This is also very useful for understanding your electrical load and to allow for a more accurate sizing for backup or alternative energy systems.


Now you can filter the days or hours you would like to look at and plot the wattage utilized during that time period.


One thing I would like to draw attention too is the base load. We maintain somewhere between 400 – 500 watts of power at all times. This is just maintaining power for devices to retain memory & operation, background lights and charging devices.

We will talk about the importance of understanding your base load and large consumers in other discussions.

Power Monitoring Template Download

We provide free instructions, support and downloads to support the products we sell and advocate for. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you think or if there is something else you want to see please let us know!

Please click below for the free excel template.

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